Bruno Fernandes: Convicted Killer; Contracted Football Star, Sponsoree of Brazilian Government

I try not to use strong language when posting to such a public network, but this is absolutely FUCKED.

Bruno Fernandes is a newly signed football star for Boa Esporte and a convicted killer.

In 2010, this man abducted, tortured and murdered his ex-girlfriend Eliza Samudio, a woman with whom he had an extramarital affair resulting in the birth of a son. When she made to claim child support, Fernandes conspired with his teenage cousin and another accomplice to kidnap Samudio. He tortured her, killed her then dismembered her body and fed parts of her to his dogs.

After serving less than 7 years of a 22 year sentence for his convictions of abduction, murder, conspiracy to murder, hiding a body and corruption of a minor, he was this week released and inundated with contract offers from a plethora of Brazilian football clubs.

Not only that, but he is sponsored by THE BRAZILIAN GOVERNMENT – the city in which his club is based is his primary sponsor.



This is why we cannot accept it when we are told that equality is protected by the law; that women have already attained the degree of opportunity and safety that men have and that crimes against women are adequately prosecuted. For some of us, this is the case. But for millions of women, it is far from it, and it is harmful to the cause of equality when we allow ourselves to be pacified by the popular ideology that equality has already been achieved and feminism is petty, redundant and antagonistic.

The law failed Eliza Samudio when she was brutalised and killed by Bruno Fernandes in the course of claiming the child support monies to which she and her son were entitled.

The law fails women everywhere when a convicted killer is pardoned of his crimes and rewarded with freedom, fame and wealth on a dangerously public level.

As soon as I find the petition, I will sign it and post it.

One thought on “Bruno Fernandes: Convicted Killer; Contracted Football Star, Sponsoree of Brazilian Government

  1. It is very hard to believe that sponsors would want to be associated with such a man., It says a great deal about them and their belief sets.


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