About Femoirs

Being a woman has different implications throughout history and around the world: it can be empowering or disadvantageous; exhilarating or terrifying; biological or psychological; it can mean everything or nothing. In Western society, gender equality is politically mandated and almost ubiquitously accepted. As members of societies that are global leaders in gender equality, it is easy to forget the fight that brought us here and the rungs still to climb. Our society was set up and structured in a time preceding this level of equality, and in some ways, it is still a man’s world. Until there are as many women in political leadership positions, political leadership is not truly equal; until there is no salary gap, salaries are not equal. The final frontier in the fight for gender equality requires closer, more analytical consideration: it operates on a subconscious level for those lacking the tools with which to identify and combat it (also known as feminist ideology). Femoirs are not only a means with which to find catharsis in experiences – positive and negative – of womanhood; they comprise an arsenal of weapons which, through reflection, analysis and discussion, we can cast off the shackles of historically-inscribed passivity, objectification and subordination that inhibit gender equality most powerfully from within.